Arthur/Eames recs 10

 / words: 54,076
Dreamshare goes legal, Arthur goes corporate, Eames goes and (against his better judgement) falls in love. 

What Takes Hold / words: 17,473
The inception doesn’t take and the consequences are dire. Fischer remembers Eames, Eames remembers nothing, and Arthur remembers everything. With lovely artwork.

Tangled Up / words: 500
Love is bad for business. 

(AU) Cartography for Amateurs / words: 28,197
After the death of Arthur’s grandfather, Arthur unhappily returns to the small town where he grew up. Enter Eames, the boy who ended up breaking Arthur’s heart in high school. Arthur doesn’t want to be pulled into Eames’ orbit again, but Eames has a plan: to get on their motorcycles, ditch town, and go on a road trip to California.

In Medias Res / words: 52,662
What’s the most resilient infection? Love, of course. Mal has always known that. Her pointman Eames may dismiss her for a romantic, but for better or worse, love has gotten her this far. (A mirror-verse AU.)

the bet / words: 11,286
In every bet, there is a fool and there is a thief.

I set a fire (just to see what it kills) / words: 23,030
The first time Arthur shoots Eames in the head at point blank range is when Eames falls in love. That’s the beginning. That’s the end. (Or: Tattoo!Arthur gone sideways.)

Deflated / words: 200
Eames is not as smooth as he seems. 

Merry Christmas, Darling / words: 1,585
A little fluff for good measure! Arthur receives a vague email from Eames. ‘Did you just email me a virus?’ 

(AU) All Shook Up (series) / words: 6,236
It’s the 1950s, Arthur’s the mysterious boy in the leather jacket who smokes, and Eames can’t stop thinking about him.

Quito / words: 4,013
An interstitial in a mutual life of crime. / There are words forming behind Eames’s tongue, sudden and treacherous, and he doesn’t want to know what they are.

Butterfly Day / words: 28,834
A split in a disturbed mark’s mind leads to two different fates for Arthur and Eames. How much difference can a single decision make? (A story where they fall in love, and a story where they don’t. But things still just might turn out in the end anyway.)

you dream of seeing fire in them hills words: 2,200
"Not at all, sir, I look forward to meeting with the British liaison."
Arthur will later come to review that statement as something akin to “famous last words”.

(AU) The Wrath of The Whatever From High Atop The Thing / words: 8,230
Cobb is the presidential candidate and Eames is the campaign photographer who spends way too much time taking picture of Cobb’s speechwriter, Arthur.

Bangor International Airport / words: 1,378
Ariadne finds out Arthur wears Eames’ dog tags.

Loves Me, Loves Me Not / words: 10,453
Sometimes you just need a magic word… or three.

(AU) Let it Run / words: 17,000
College/Rowing AU. ”Arthur, this is Eames. He’s a freshman but he rowed for a year  in high school. He has a great deal of potential, I think, but he needs to improve his form. I’d like you to take him out in a double and work with him a little.”

A Hell For Every Man / words: 12,754
Pre-canon. Arthur and Eames are in the military, working on Project Somnacin. When they discover the hidden agenda of the General in charge of the Project, things get a lot more complicated.

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